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What is the Firm’s Business history?

GPS Associates: Since 2003, we have steadily gone about building a solid name for ourselves through constant attention to detail, innovation and always keeping our clients best interests as the determining principles of our operations. By utilizing the following key points, we have made successes for our clients a guaranteed outcome.

  • Clearly communicate each client's unique business attributes, strategies, prospects and goals at ever possible opportunity.
  • Always seek out and arrange introductions for our clients within the investment community in highly beneficial environments.
  • Ensure that a clients profile reinforces underlying strengths and displays dynamic responses to changing conditions.

Does your firm represent other clients in my field?

GPS Associates: Most likely yes, as we represent a diverse clientele involved across the board in industry and finance, with capitalizations from millions to hundreds of millions but what is far more salient is that we treat your account as unique, not just as we do for any other client involved in the same field of business as you.

What is the standard length of your representation of a client?

GPS Associates: A typical client contract can be for a period of as little as three months but this can give an inaccurate picture of the true relationship. More often than not, we continue working actively with clients on new contracts after the completion of our initial engagement. Many of our first clients from 2003 are still working with us today.

What do clients have to say about the quality of your firm’s representation?

GPS Associates: The best gauge of client satisfaction is the rate at which they choose to conduct repeat business with us, something that over 90% of our clients choose to do so. This vote of confidence and satisfaction is highly valued by us.

Who is actually assigned to our contract and what is their role?

GPS Associates: Each individual client contract is assigned a designated team headed by a senior partner and this team will stay intact across the length of the contract to maintain stability and good working relationships with you and your team.

What can I expect at the beginning of your contacted representation?

GPS Associates: We like to hit the ground running so to speak and we believe that you will be impressed by the range and depth of initiatives that we can begin to implement on your behalf in the short time after our engagement. We provide a dynamic approach from advertising and media representation to case specific investment conferences. We will be working tirelessly to broadcast the correct representation of your corporate image to those who will help fund your businesses growth.

Do you work alone or in conjunction with other interests?

GPS Associates: We work closely with other firms in the industry, especially when it comes to arranging investment conferences and showcases to maximize the available investment pool that these events can attract, but place primary importance on our client’s message of course.

How frequent is communication between your firm and mine?

GPS Associates: Regular high quality information is made available to you as it becomes available to us from demographic research, audience response and investment feedback. The manner and frequency of our reporting to you is selected by you to work with your busy schedule.

Do I have to engage the full range of your services?

GPS Associates: No, you are not obligated in any way to engage the full range of our services, though we may identify shortcomings in your contract and advise solutions that we may be able to offer.


With our dedication at GPS Associates to providing our clients with a results driven customized service leads to our turning even short term contracts into true long term business relationships lasting years, without these we would simply not enjoy the sterling reputation that we enjoy both among our clients and our industry peers.

This in turn translates to us being able to choose the cream of the crop to work, with engagements outlasting the industry norms for employment terms.

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Careers with GPS Associates

Careers with GPS Associates

The excellent reputation that GPS Associates enjoys among the investment community and the businesses that they support would not be possible, were it not for the outstanding caliber of the dynamic, hardworking professionals that we are proud to have in our team.

It is only through their dedication and effort that we are able to consistently deliver the quality results sought by our valued clientele.

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Capabilities of GPS Associates

Capabilities of GPS Associates

From the onset of our contract, we at GPS Associates work quickly to assess and quantify each client's unique corporate position and investment characteristics. Working closely in conjunction with the client’s management team we accurately determine the client's investor relations and capital markets requirements and goals, formulating strategy to best achieve these.

Over the course of our relationship we actively advise our clients on a wide range of corporate matters both directly related to and associated with their contracts.

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